Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Many thanks to you for your kind comments and prayers during Abby`s recent illness !
I am pleased to report she has now finished all her post-operative antibiotics, and is looking extremely healthy.
She visits the dentist on Tuesday to check out the extraction and drainage sites, but everything is looking good.

Today was urgent shopping day, as she has grown out of her trainers and needs a pair of decent shoes too.

Not to mention the fact that my only pair of winter shoes have started to leak ! So, £100 and four pairs of shoes later, she and I are fully kitted out on the foot front. To be fair, my last two pairs of winter shoes lasted for nearly four years of daily wear, walking virtually everywhere.
I just hope these two new pairs are equally sturdy and long-lasting.

God willing, it will be playgroup as normal tomorrow morning, unless we actually have the predicted possible snowfalls.........
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