Sunday, February 27, 2005

Unseasonal Weather

The much-predicted snow did not arrive in our part of the country , much to our disappointment.
Other parts of the UK have had enough snow for people to go sledging in, and to have schools shut .
Abby is now 3, and has never seen enough snow to be able to walk in, let alone make a snowman. She is a deprived child :-0

It has, nevertheless, been bitterly cold here.........I have been seen to be wearing a T-shirt plus thick jumper plus wool long cardigan indoors even *with* the central heating set at 30 degrees.........not to mention the electric blanket to warm the bed up before I get in it :-)
My excuse is my arthritis , which gets significantly worse if I get cold - yet I still long for snow....go figure !

Personally, I blame it on the hormones, having reached the end of my reproductive life. Either that or the onset of nostalgic senility, LOL !
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