Thursday, February 17, 2005

Good News and Bad News

Abby has come home at teatime today (Weds).
We have had a horrendous 5 days in hospital, culminating in emergency surgery last night (Tues).
She is on the mend and doing well now, but I am exhausted and need to go to bed....over three nights, I had less than 6 hours sleep. Last night was great, I had 4 hours, LOL !!
Thank you all for your prayers, they are much appreciated, and may God bless you all :-)
When I feel human again, I will blog about our experiences :-(

The bad uncle Jim died suddenly this morning.
May his memory be eternal.......
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Dave Holford said...

We will continue praying for Abby and now pray for Jim.

Memory eternal!

Philippa said...

Lord Have Mercy! Lord Have Mercy! Lord Have Mercy!

May God grant Abby to heal well and quickly.

May God grant peace and Light to Jim. Memory eternal!

Laura said...

I am sorry you have had such a time lately. I'm glad Abby is home and we will continue praying for her and for Jim....