Monday, February 07, 2005

Going Back In Time

I watched a movie called Timelines on the weekend.
I won`t spoil the plot for those of you who may not have seen it, but basically a group of people go back in time and one of them falls in love and decides to stay back in 14th century France when his companions return to the modern-day world.

This film really captured my imagination, and today I started to ponder whether, if the opportunity presented itself, whether I would want to go back in time, and to what era.

Caveat 1 - I would only consider it if my husband and children could go with me too :-)

The obvious one would be to go back to bible times and see Our Lord, the Theotokos and the disciples in the flesh, and to see the most important events the world has ever seen.

Other than that, I would love to go back to a time when Orthodox countries existed throughout the live in a predominantly Orthodox world, and not be the odd one out, as I am in my modern life, would be amazing, and a great blessing.

I would love to live an Orthodox life in the context of, and support from an Orthodox society.
Possibly I would choose to go to Byzantium, to live in Constantinople, and to worship at the Church in Blachernae........sigh !

Other than that, I think it would have to be 19th century Russia, thanks to Fr Vassily and the wonderful satire of The Onion Dome :-)

Or St Petersburg, to meet my dear St Xenia !

The major problem would be the knowledge that life expectancy would likely be short for most non-royal folk. I don`t think I could watch my children suffer as so very many mothers have had to.............

Where would **you** go, and when, and why ?

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Jim N. said...

mmmm... Byzantium! :)

Philippa said...

Ooooo, this is a hard question. I watched the movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, where he travels back in time to be with the woman he loves. Ummmm, there are so many eras I'd like to visit. Perhaps when Christ was on earth, to hear Him, touch Him, meet the Holy Theotokos and Joseph the Betrothed. Perhaps the 1500's when Luther was around, to hear him speak and learn his thoughts about reforming Catholicism. Perhaps the Victorian era, if for no other reason than to get to wear those great dresses!! Then again I'd like to meet St. Athanasius so I'd like to go to AD 325.

I know, I need a time machine so I can traipse through time and meet all those interesting people. That would be sooooo COOL!!

alana said...

Meideval life always fascinates me...I read too many fantasy novels that have medieval levels of technology. yay, big's an outhouse!!! Of course without the magic, life would be drab and harsh.

I like your sentiments about somewhere very Orthodox, but could not pinpoint a time or place for that.

Jim N. said...

I'd like to see St. Nicholas deck Arius. :)

Elizabeth said...

Seeing St Nicholas deck Arius would have to be a great one !
Or to be present at one of St John Chrysostom`s sermons, just imagine that ! Especially the Paschal sermon.......mindblowing.
Or I could go back a little way in time, to meet the great Wonderworker St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, or Elder Cleopa of Romania, or Elder Porphyrios of Greece....
So much to choose from.

Suzanne said...

oh I saw that movie and it was wonderful! Left me fantisizing for days on end about what I would do. I've always loved the periods where women dressed lavishly in long flowing dresses with their bussoms bulging out of the top of their gowns. Chivalry, gentleman, etc. I try not to think about the lack of obvious improvements we've made since the of course like air conditioning, and frequent bathing. ha ha Wonderful movie!