Monday, February 07, 2005


Blogger has eaten my post !
I am so cross, I could scream.
Rant, rave, shout.
Maybe even throw things.

I am too cross to type it out again.
Stupid Blogger that I am . I should know better than to hit the Publish Post button without having first BACKED IT UP! How could I be soooo stupid ?
Beats head on keyboard and gets QWERTY embedded backwards on forehead - a modern-day equivalent of wearing a dunce`s cap :-)
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s-p said...

AAARRGGHHH!! Blog just did that to me too... when I hit publish I got the "can't find page" of death. When I went back to the blog I had a blank page... familiar?
Welll.. In anger I hit "publish" again on the blank page and guess what??? It published my former post that was "lost".... God must like me today.... :)

Sharon said...

I've had that happen to me a's terribly frustrating. I tell myself I'll save before I publish and yet often I forget and get caught. aarrrrggghhh!

Thanks for commenting on my site. I really appreciated it!