Saturday, February 05, 2005

Domestic Hospital

It`s that time of year still, when small children `s immune systems are exposed to myriads of viruses, and get pole-axed by 90% of them !
Our domestic hospital now only has D3; on Weds it was myself and D4 as well.

D1 (the infamous DoomHamster) has been under the weather for a couple of weeks , and is "under investigation" by the GP, especially as D2 is still suffering from the after-effects of glandular fever (mononucleosis) which she had last July....

D3 has been running a raging temperature and had a streaming cold and cough. The noises my poor little girl makes whilst asleep have to be heard to be believed, and would certainly be worthy of a BBC sound crew making a special trip to record for posterity......or a horror film. :-)

DH is upstairs watching Eddie Murphy in "The Haunted Mansion", whilst the two young `uns are watching "Finding Nemo".

Each time I watch Nemo, with Marlin desperately struggling to find and rescue his son, I think of Christ as the Good Shepherd, willing to go even through Death to rescue us, His sinful children.
May we be worthy of the rescue.....

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Here across the pond many are sick with cough and cold which sounds much the same as your family. My dearest hubby has been sick for a month with symptoms similiar to those you describe. Spring can't come fast enough this year!