Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bribery and Corruption...

Tuesday is now playgroup day for DD4, and it starts at 10am.
DD3 has to be in school by 08.45.
It takes 15 minutes to walk home after dropping D3 in school.
It is a 30 minute walk to the playgroup.
There didn`t seem much pint in going home for only half an hour maximum, so we went straight to town instead after we said goodbye to big sister.

It has been a truly glorious day; blue sky, hot sunshine, and only a very gentle breeze instead of our custmary gale-force winds, so D4 and I ambled up to the promenade outdoor cafe on the seafront, found ourselves a nice table and chairs with a fabulous view over the beach, and indulged in a cappucino for me and an ice-cream for her.

It was so warm, we even took our coats off as well as our gloves.
Bear in mind, this is something we couldn`t do on several days last August :-) LOL.
It was a pleasure to sit and watch the waves lapping on the shore as the tide came in, with seagulls mewing and circling over head. There was even a boat to watch as well. What more could a three year old ask for ?

I did eventually manage to prise her away from watching the waves with the promise of playgroup, and the good mood continued as she coped really well with 25 other children in close proximity, all running and giggling and playing happily. It was lovely to see her happy and joining in, and settling down.
We didn`t even have a monumental tantrum when it was time to leave, though that again might have had something to do with the bribe of a fresh hot sausage roll from the bakery in town :-)
Bribery and corruption - undesirable in politics, but sometimes necessary for parental mental health !

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