Friday, January 07, 2005

It`s my Birthday !

Today is my 41st birthday :-)
I am so glad; I really hated being 40, I found it to be so depressing.
I have no idea why, and my DH is completely baffled , but there again, he is only 38, so his turn will come ...... Tee Hee.

What I did on my birthday.........

My DH took myself and D4 to our nearest town, to the home of the Golden Arches for breakfast as a birthday treat.
(D3 was in school so we will all be going to the cinema tomorrow as a family treat, to see Shark Tale)
Yes, I know it`s not terribly romantic, but our definition of what constitutes a treat has downsized dramatically in the last few years ;-)
Besides, I really love the Pancakes with maple syrup and a capuccino; given half a chance, I would end up looking like Captain Blimpy.
I could end up starring in my very own version of Supersize Me !

I really do think my resolution this year has to be to lose some weight. I am still just in the acceptable level for my height, but another few pounds would tip me over to the overweight category.
I am aware that I feel unhealthy at this weight, and the extra pounds mean more for my arthritic joints to have to creak and carry around, which causes pain and more damage, which makes me more immobile and less inclined to exercise, which means I gain more weight...and so it goes on.

I`m getting old, folks .........As my D3 tells me on a weekly basis - or so it seems !

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Dave Holford said...

Happy Birthday and may God grant you many more years!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you !
Hope all is well with you and your family :-)

Philippa said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! And many, many years!!

Karl Thienes said...

A very happy Birthday. Many Years!