Saturday, January 01, 2005


Have you ever been totally dependent on moonlight and starlight to move around at night ?

Our enforced period without lighting has been interesting, to say the least :-)
It is amazing how hard it is to negotiate a narrow hallway and a dining room which has only an 18 inch wide pathway to get to the kitchen in total darkness.
I could have used a torch, but I didn`t, on principle. One day I may be in a situation where there are no torches, so I figured the practice would be useful.........and my goodness, did it make me appreciate the light from the full moon streaming in through the windows to guide me over the last week !

Physically blundering around in the darkness was an experience which made me wonder what it must be like to be blundering around in a spiritual darkness, never having known the Light of Christ, not having a clear path or an understanding of where to go - being lost, for lack of a better phrase.
I know I have episodes of spiritual darkness, but at least I have known Christ, even if I sometimes feel I have temporarily mislaid Him.
I cannot imagine the sheer horror of never having known Him and His love for me.
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