Sunday, October 03, 2004

New Image

Don`t panic, I have not done anything dreadful to the blog ! :-0

I did, however, go to the hairdresser today. My hair is past shoulder length, but was in dire need of a trim. Added to that, I needed to renew my passport and didn`t want to get photos done of my hair looking a mess....hence the trip to the hairdresser and afterwards to the photobooth.
I was only going to have a trim, but decided to have quite a lot cut off, and it is now a short bob.

Now, DH really loves my hair long. I was in some trepidation walking up the garden path in case he really hated it.............however, he quite liked it. So did DD1, 2 and 3.

D4 did not.
She climbed on my lap, ran both hands through my hair, lifted it up, looked appalled and shouted at me "That naughty, Mummy ! Not Mummy"
I obviously look very different to her eyes, yet still recognisable as Mummy.
Several hours later, she has adapted happily to the new image Mummy, much to my relief.
It amazes me how quickly we can adapt to people changing appearances and accept the new look as normal :-)

I can vaguely think of something theological here, but it is not well enough thought out for me to be able to communicate it clearly yet, so I will sleep on it tonight.
If anyone of you can see what I am trying to say, please tell me ! :-))))))
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