Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dragon-Breath Weather

This morning, something really special happened.
I was taking D3 to school and we were on our 20 minute walk with D4 in her pushchair, just chattering about D3`s class mates and her school in general. Nothing new there, you might think, and you would be right.

But - today was the first autumnal wonderful combination of cold, dew, and moist air .........Each time we breathed out hard, it looked like we were exhaling clouds of steam :-)
My kids have **always** loved this weather, and called it "dragon-breath weather".
So, we simply had to zoom along producing clouds of "dragon`s breath" and shrieking with laughter as we did so.

It was a moment of absolute, unadulterated pure joy which I wish I could bottle and preserve next to my heart forever, (especially in those moments when my dear daughters are being plain awkward), to remind me of how wonderful the innocence and fun of children can be.

We had such pleasure and rejoicing in the glory of God`s creation, that when I came home, the only possible response was to prostrate myself before the icon corner and glorify God .........
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1 comment:

Pintradex said...

Thanks for this post. I can't claim to be very faithful in my prayer corner but every so often, as I watch my little ones, I am overcome with similar feelings of thankfulness; that God has allowed me to experience this kind of joy.