Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More about the suit of armour

The suit of armour is 6 feet tall, made of steel, and it is *exceptionally* heavy.
It came from a man called Nigel Varney, who makes accurate reproductions of historical suits of armour, swords, shields etc.

DH has worn the helmet, and says it is comfortable but very heavy :-0
The armour is all sectioned, with leather straps to fasten the various sections. It *is* possible to wear it, but whether you would ever be able to move in it is another question entirely ! Now I understand why medieval knights needed their pages and servants to help them get on their horses before they went into battle.
I would imagine it is impossible to do most things without help if you were wearing this......

The sword is quite safe to have in the house, as it has been professionally blunted to be as safe as the edge on a butter knife, the tip has been filed round and it has been wired onto the knight`s fingers so it cannot come loose.
To remove the sword, the wires would need to be cut. Or , if you had nothing better to do, you could unstrap both arms, put them on with the sword affixed to your thumbs and wait for gravity to pull you down to the ground with a resounding clang if you attempted to wave the sword around........
It does look great, although I keep thinking there is someone in the room when I look out of the corner of my eye !
Oh, and its name is Big Dave.
I wanted Ethelbert, but I was outvoted.............
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Unknown said...

Ooohhh...too bad you got out voted for Ethelbert. That's a great choice of names! Big Dave is just so....oh....normal and your suit of armour is just so....not....normal! You live such an interesting life Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing it.

Alana said...

The suit of armour is so cool, words do not even begin to describe! I love anything medievally man-ish and sweaty and swordy...so you are officially COOL to have a life sized suit of armor in your home. Say Hi to Big Dave for me.