Sunday, August 15, 2004


I have a terrible tendency to hoard things.
Some things could indeed conceivably be useful one day, but much of it isn`t.
In a way, it is a bit like a security blanket, you are cocooned in memories and the knowledge that yes, you have got the obscure widget that belongs to the breast pump . But of what earthly use is it to me, when I finished breastfeeding in February ?
Out it all goes. What is useful can go the charity shop, the rest is being binned. Yes, even the diary from 1999, folks !

There are some things, however, which I just cannot part with. Some of DD4`s outgrown clothes from when she was a baby are actually hand-me-downs from DD1 and were bought for her by my father, who reposed when I was very newly pregnant with DD2.
My father only ever saw one of my four beautiful daughters, and he took such delight in buying pretty dresses for her, that I saved them, and all the subsequent daughters have worn them too. I love looking at photos of them wearing clothes my father chose. It is the closest connection they can have to my father in this earthly life.

My baby-having days are over, but the clothes are safely packed away, ready for possible grandchildren in due course.
One day I hope to pass the clothes on, and perpetuate the memory of my very special, beloved and sadly missed father. He died Feb 14 1989, but he will never be forgotten.
Memory Eternal, Donald !
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Anonymous said...

What a touching post.