Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fast food

Sometimes, the Orthodox fasts can do strange things to your mind :-)

Yesterday, I was eating fasting food but daughters 3 and 4 are not so keen, so I am breaking them in gently. They had home cooked beefburgers in buns for lunch. The smell was soooo good. When I was clearing up after them, I just stood there and looked at the scraps of food left on the plates, and drooled. Beefburgers....mmmmmmmmm.

I felt like Homer Simpson when confronted with doughnuts or gummy bears , I wanted to taste theose scraps of meat so badly, it was
a/ quite scary and
b/quite funny.
I must have looked at them for a full minute before steeling myself to scrape the remnants in the bin.
Then I was cross with myself for spending so much time thinking about food that I will be able to eat again next week....not next year, but next week !!

How hard it is to fast from food and the tyranny of my stomach. No doubt about it, I am a glutton and a cross one at that. So , only two of the seven deadly sins in one much worse could it get ? LOL.

Now to cook sausages for said youngest daughters, corn tortillas and chickpeas and salad for me. Good thing I`m not so keen on sausages, I suppose.

Or perhaps the answer is to get a dog who will eat all the scraps and take temptation out of my way, which will do nothing for my self-control though.
Oh well, it was only a thought.

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1 comment:

Jan Bear said...

The dog would not only eat scraps, but would frighten away burglars (most criminals avoid even lovable, friendly dogs), entertain the kids, cheer you up when you're down, shed all over the house and force you to play when you think you need to work. Plenty of opportunities for self-control--though perhaps not the same ones.