Saturday, August 14, 2004

05:38 am

It is 05:38 am . Daughter number 3 has woken up complaining she can`t get back to sleep. I am too tired to get up, take her back to her room, tuck her in , read her a story, so she hops in bed with hubster and I and daughter 4 (age 2).

Do you remember the song "There were ten in the bed and the little one said Roll over " ?
It felt just like that. DD3 of course fell asleep instantly. I was lying on my side, squashed .
Despite being sleepy, I could not get back to sleep, so I gave up and went downstairs.
Must be the earliest I have said my morning prayers for a good few months :-0

Then kettle on for a cup of coffee, and computer on to read my email.
I have sat by the window watching the sky turn from midnight blue to pink with the sunrise, and now at 06:24 it is blue sky with cotton wool ball clouds.

The garden is very green. That really isn`t such an odd comment, I promise.
The previous owners (we only moved in February of this year) have done a great job of the garden, planned for lots of colour when various plants and shrubs are in bloom, but there are several shrubs which really do need some serious thinning out. The back fence is almost completely covered with a variety of variegated and single colour Ivies, and it is just all so...well, green.

I think I will trim the Ivy plants, and next year I will have raspberry canes along the back fence. Ok, it will be a different kind of green, but the variety I am looking at in the catalogue produce up to 4lbs of fruit per cane. Yes, my favourite fruit is...raspberries.

There are plenty of odd spaces in the flower borders where I could grow veggies, too. I have earmarked sites for potatoes, onions, leeks. The courtyard outside the window is crying out for two big strawberry planters, and there is space for a grape-vine to grow up the pergola, which currently has passion-flowers and honeysuckle.

I am fed up with my dependence on expensive, pesticide ridden supermarket food. With a little effort, I can grow at least some of my food , which will be fresh and organic. The exercise will be good for me, and the necessary discipline of watering, de-weeding etc will undoubtedly be of benefit.

I love being a stay at home mum, and I am profoundly thankful to my dear husband for his hard work and quiet resignation to the days and nights spent away from home in order to provide for us all, and for me to care full-time for our family. He is a whole-hearted believer in one parent being at home as much as possible, especially while the children are young, and he makes it possible for me to do this.
I think doing some serious food-growing will not only lessen our expenditure and be more healthy, but will also remind the children and me of how dependant we are on God`s blessings, and that food doesn`t miraculously appear on the table without someone`s effort, whether mine in growing it or my husband`s in going to work to earn money to buy it.

And I certainly need to cultivate patience and self-discipline, as well as a constant spirit of thanksgiving for the many blessings I have.
If only they too came in packets of seeds with the logo "Just add water !"

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